PASSAGES is an exhibition project by the design studio Panter&Tourron: a series of sculptural objects inspired by the heat actions on the matter. The heat becomes a real design element which acts upon areas treated with thermochromic ink: under the heat action the ink unveils the surface beneath in a fluctuation of gradients and shades; traces of the passage from one state to another.

We investigate heat as a dynamic force and as a material, presenting a series of works for the IQOS Pathfinder Project pervaded by this ubiquitous presence. Each object is the expression of a manifestation of heat. We have observed nature, researching how heat materializes: through sun rays cast in the early hours, mist rising from the water or ice melting on a mountain peak.

Each of these phenomena, each of these PASSAGES, is visualised through a gradient, the visual metaphor for transition and represented through a series of photographies by the artist Jagoda Wisniewska.

We have created a series of objects treated with thermochromic ink that, once heated, let us glimpse the surface beneath, creating an everchanging fluctuation of gradients and shades. Gradients and shades are the traces of the passage from one state to another, a constant transition that animates these objects.